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More than ten years creating unique opportunities and long-term professional relationships between talent and Basque organisations. With a personalized agenda. Always.



See you in Paris!


Organisations attending
Be Basque Talent Conference


Achucarro Basque Center for Neuroscience



Angulas Aguinaga



Bilbao Ekintza

Bizkaiko Foru Aldundia

Bizkaia Beaz

Bizkaia Talent

CAF Group

CIC Energigune

CIE Automotive




Danobat Group

Egile Corporation

Fagor Arrasate




Gipuzkoa Talent




Inzu Group


ITP Aero

Grupo Kirol


MONDRAGON Corporation

Mubea Edai



Grupo RETAbet

Salto Systems

Grupo Sarralle

SEA Empresas Alavesas



ULMA Group




Career Developers Network Meet experienced HR consultants and headhunters that will support you during the journey!


ieTeam Consultores


in Group Consultoria

Spring Professional


Paris, 26th October 2019

Working language of the conference: Spanish

    • Session 1
    • Gestamp
    • ULMA Group
    • Egile Corporation
    • Cikautxo
    • Sener
    • Fagor Arrasate
    • Ampo
    • Tecnalia
    • Session 2
    • Petronor
    • Inzu Group
    • Angulas Aguinaga
    • CAF Group
    • ITP Aero
    • Salto Systems
    • Prosertek
    • Danobat Group
    • Session 3
    • Velatia
    • Vicomtech
    • Mubea Edai
    • Irizar
    • CIE Automotive
    • ULMA Group
    • Ikerlan
    • Grupo Sarralle
    • Session 4
    • Ingeteam
    • Grupo Kirol
    • Gestionet
    • Comalatech
    • Grupo Retabet
    • BCAM
    • Arteche
    • Lantek
    • Session 5
    • Ikerbasque
    • BCAM
    • Tecnalia
    • CIC Nanogune
    • UPV/EHU
    • Achucarro
    • CIC Energigune
    • MONDRAGON Corporation


    · Session 1, 2 and 3: project, product, quality, sales, process, manufacturing, industrial, mechanical, design and chemical engineers; telecom, electronics, electrical and systems engineers; software developers; data analysts; cybersecurity engineers; mathematicians

    · Session 4: software developers, data analysts and mathematicians

    · Session 5: researchers

  • 11.30-12.00COFFEE BREAK
  • 12.00-13.45OPEN DISCUSSION FORUM: Adaptation of Talent Management to the new demands
  • 13.45-14.00MORNING WRAP-UP
  • 14.00-15.30NETWORKING LUNCH
    • Contact Building
    • 15 minute talks between professionals and companies
    • Workshop 1
    • Cómo volver (Bizkaia Talent)
    • Workshop 2
    • Entrepreneurship in Bizkaia (Beaz & Bilbao Ekintza)
    • Workshop 3
    • MONDRAGON, an innovative ecosystem (MONDRAGON Corporation)
    • Workshop 4
    • Basic-Applied research in the Basque Country (Ikerbasque, UPV/EHU)
    • Workshop 5
    • Your Career in Iparralde -Workshop language: French-
    • CDN
    • Career Developers
  • 17.00-17.30COFFEE BREAK
    • Contact Building
    • 15 minute talks between professionals and companies
    • Workshop 6
    • Cómo volver (Bizkaia Talent)
    • Workshop 7
    • Entrepreneurship in Bizkaia (Beaz & Bilbao Ekintza)
    • Workshop 8
    • MONDRAGON, an innovative ecosystem (MONDRAGON Corporation)
    • Workshop 9
    • Basic-Applied research in the Basque Country (Ikerbasque, UPV/EHU)
      • CDN
      • Career Developers

      Why should I attend
      Be Basque Talent Conference?

      Discover your life project

      Whether you are willing to know what’s going on in the Basque Country and the Basque leading companies’ projects around the world, thinking about new career opportunities or considering to start your own project, BBTC offers a unique opportunity to build professional relationships that can change your future.


      Our job is to help you with your career development

      About 100 representatives coming from Basque organisations will be gathered at BBTC in Paris to meet professionals like you. Over 50 company presentations, 8 workshops and around 700 professional-organisation contact building meetings are expected to be arranged, to show thousands of career development opportunities and get closer to your needs.

      A large team of career developers represented by experienced HR consultants and headhunters will also be supporting you during the journey.

      We are professional matchmakers

      With our in-house built BBTC Matchmaking tool, you’ll have a tailor-made agenda to meet the most relevant people for you, even during lunch!


      About Be Basque Talent Conference

      Not a career fair but a real networking event

      More than ten years creating unique opportunities and long-term professional relationships between talent and Basque organisations.

      With a personalized agenda. Always.


      Figures speak for themselves

      To the present date, 624 professionals and 73 Basque organisations have participated in the eleven networking conferences organized by Bizkaia Talent.

      MUNICH 2008 / BARCELONA 2009 / STUTTGART 2009 / HANNOVER 2011 / TOULOUSE 2011 / AMSTERDAM 2012 / DUBLIN 2013 / LONDON 2014 / HAMBURG 2016 / MUNICH 2017 / LONDON 2018

      Bizkaia Talent

      The BBTC is organized by Bizkaia Talent, a private non-profit association promoted by the Provincial Government of Bizkaia along with different Basque organisations which aims to make the Basque Country a talent magnet. The current BBTC is the result of a long journey. Since 2008 Bizkaia Talent has organized eleven previous conferences in nine different major European cities. This year’s BBTC will be held for the first time in Paris.

      But Bizkaia Talent’s job doesn’t end there. Its mission goes even further than bringing talent and companies together and showing the diverse professional opportunities they may have in the Basque Country. Bizkaia Talent helps professionals and their families with their relocation process, supports the couple’s professional progress, and cares for the career development of the participants.


      The Basque Country suits all tastes!

      Located in the South of Europe, the Basque Country represents an attractive place to invest, live and work.

      No matter where you come from, the Basque Country is the right place to be!




      3 Quai de Grenelle, 75015 Paris, France
      Located in the heart of the city, along the Seine, 2 minutes away from the Eiffel Tower and close to all means of transport (Metro, Bus and RER).



      What is the Be Basque Talent Network?+

      The Be Basque Talent Network brings more than 12,000 high-skilled professionals working all over the world in contact with other professionals and almost 350 companies so as to facilitate talent mobility and build labour and business relationships.

      What is the Be Basque Talent Conference (BBTC)?+

      Within the framework of the Professional Networking Service, Bizkaia Talent organises thematic working days whose aim is to bring together Basque organisations with highly qualified professionals who work in strategic sectors for the Basque Country.

      BBTC is a structured networking meeting in which close, relaxed dealings between the participants and the Basque company representatives who accompany us ensure the establishment of professional relationships within an environment based on trust.

      The effect of these meeting has been to enable the establishment of numerous professional links which have materialized either in the shape of work contracts or collaborations between companies. Furthermore, this event has led to the opening of new markets and has made it possible to check up on market trends, together with current usage of specific types of technologies and processes.

      Why take part in the BBTC?+

      The BBTC is an excellent opportunity to:

      • Understand the current and future socioeconomic and scientific-technological situation of the region.
      • Know about the projects which are being undertaken in the sector and gain an insight into highly qualified profile requirements.
      • Find out about labour and commercial market trends in the sector.
      • Discuss the needs and difficulties posed by returning or linking up with professionals with an international profile.
      • Meeting in person with representatives of the organisations participating.
      • Working, sharing and co-creating knowledge, and
      • Above all, extending your professional contacts network linked to the Basque Country.

      Who is the BBTC directed at?+

      The professional networking conference is directed at:

      • Highly qualified professionals who are carrying out their activities in strategic sectors in geographical areas of interest for the Basque Country and who are interested in finding out about the current situation and future expectations of our companies; and
      • Basque organisations (clusters, companies, technology centres, research centres, universities etc.) which are interested in meeting individuals with top-level skills and technical abilities and extensive international experience.

      What language will the BBTC be in?+

      The working language of the conference is Spanish.

      How much does it cost?+

      Entrance is free for registered participants (including access to the conference, presentations, workshops, the contact building space and the networking lunch).

      Only registered participants may attend the BBTC.

      What is the dress code of the BBTC?+

      The recommended dress code is “smart casual”, office dress code slightly more casual than the classic businessperson style.

      What will the BBTC 2019 consist of?+

      The event will feature presentations, an open debate forum, contact building one-to-one meetings, workshops and much more. You can consult the updated agenda both on the website and on the Bizkaia Talent extranet.

      Which organisations will be taking part?+

      You can consult in detail the organisations that will be present at the 12th BBTC here.

      What is the matchmaking tool?+

      With our in-house built BBTC Matchmaking tool, you will have a tailor-made agenda to meet the most relevant people for you.

      This tool enables arranging not only the contact building meetings, but also the seats at lunchtime! All of it according to the professionals’ and the organisations’ interests.

      Where it is not possible to organize all the requested conversations on the same day as the event, participants will be provided with contact details of the different representatives of the organisations to enable them to arrange meetings in a virtual manner.

      Furthermore, participants will be able to consult their personalized agenda by means of the Bizkaia Talent app (available for Android and iOS).

      What does the Contact Building slot consist of?+

      At the BBTC you will discover several different spaces to extend your network of contacts but if what you are looking for is to organize a brief conversation with a representative of one of the Basque organisations which are taking part in the event, this is the correct place for you.

      These are 15-minute slots designed for you to be able to establish a more personal initial face-to-face contact with these organisations with which in most cases you will share a common interest. It is important to underline that these meetings are not job interviews.

      Bear in mind that the Contact Building slot could be a starting point for the exploration of not only collaborative work, but also company-related, or any other type of collaboration.

      Is there any reference material that I could consult to get to know more about the work field in the Basque Country?+

      Below you will find a list of reports that we at Bizkaia Talent consider could be useful to you with a view to gaining a better understanding of the scientific-technological and industrial reality of the Basque Country, and the challenges to be faced in the future. To download them, click here.

      • How Cities and Regions Compete Globally for Tomorrow’s Talents. A European Exploration.
      • How Cities and Regions Compete Globally for Tomorrow’s Talents. Implications for Bilbao/Bizkaia/Basque Country.
      • Horizonte 2020 Análisis de las necesidades de talento en el País Vasco (2014).


      I want to attend. How can I register?+

      First, you should register on the Bizkaia Talent website, complete your profile on the extranet and upload your C.V. in PDF format.

      After this, and in order to proceed with the BBTC inscription, on the extranet home website you should click on the section International Professional Networking Meetings and register for the 12th Be Basque Talent Conference.

      How important is it to fill in my profile?+

      We will send your CV to the participating companies before the event.

      Remember that your CV is your first contact with the organisations. So spend a few minutes including a high quality, meaningful profile. The better the profile the more requests you will receive.

      TIP: Add a letter of motivation to the CV. The motivation section is practically a letter of presentation adapted to the aim of the event. We recommend that you devote some time to reflecting on your motives for taking part in the event.

      When will I be able to check my personalized agenda?+

      Bizkaia Talent will contact you to inform you when the time comes.

      Where can I change ticket information?+

      You are able to do it directly through the BBTC section on the extranet.

      What happens if, due to unforeseen circumstances, I am unable to attend the BBTC event?+

      You can cancel your participation at any time before the event.

      However, if something prevents you from attending the very day of the event, please tell us by email immediately. If you have arranged meetings, do not forget to contact the people who you were going to meet and inform them that you will be unable to attend the appointment.


      Confirmation of attendance+

      We are counting on your attendance to ensure that the event, the meetings, the contact building and the workshops can be well organized. For this reason, it is necessary that when the time comes you confirm your attendance, and should you be unable to attend, that you cancel your participation.

      Many thanks for contributing to ensure that the event is as efficient and serious as possible.

      What is included in the ticket?+

      The ticket certifies that you have been registered correctly in the BBTC together with details of your participation at the conference.

      Do I need to print my ticket?+

      No, you don’t.

      Can I transfer my ticket to another person?+

      No, you can’t. Due to the high personalization of the BBTC, on the one hand, you should cancel your participation. On the other hand, the other person should register for the event.

      When and where can I collect my BBTC badge?+

      At the beginning of the event, you will receive your badge at the registration table. We recommend that you display it throughout the event to enable the other participants to identify you and to be able to share your contact details with the other participants.

      Furthermore, the Bizkaia Talent team will be at your disposition throughout the duration of the BBTC event to assist you in whatever matter.

      Can I collect several badges at the same time?+

      No, you can’t. Each person must collect his/her own badge.

      I don’t have Bizkaia Talent’s app yet. How can I download it?+

      This will be another BBTC work tool. Moreover, via the Bizkaia Talent App, amongst other functions, you will be able to know who else is participating at the event and you will have access to your personal agenda. You can download the app searching for Bizkaia Talent on PlayStore or iStore for devices with Android and iOS operative systems respectively.


      Company presentations and the Open Discussion Forum+

      More than 50 company presentations and a plenary open debate will shape the first part of the conference.

      In order for you to maximise your performance and take full advantage of the event, we encourage you to participate actively in the presentations, expressing all of your anxieties and asking the representatives of the participating companies any questions you like.

      Networking lunch+

      The main aim of the working day is to carry out networking and we want you to take full advantage of every possible opportunity to do this. Therefore, and with a view to extending your network of contacts, we will assign you with a particular table for lunch.

      The tables are not arranged at random. The seating plan has been designed to facilitate contacts with professionals who are participating in other areas of the event.

      Contact building+

      After the networking lunch, some participants will have an opportunity to meet the representatives of the organisations on a one-to-one basis during a round of previously arranged personal meetings agreed by both sides.

      If you have arranged a personal conversation, this means that you will have 15 minutes to get to know the representatives of the organisations in person and make initial contact with them.

      You do not need to bring business cards with you. The organisations are already in possession of your CV and contact details and are able to manage any contact that you make with them via the Bizkaia Talent App. We will now detail certain points that could be helpful with a view to building up a network of professional contacts to generate future business:

      Remember that the conversations do not have to be focused on work. The slot can be a starting point to begin to explore possibilities for a working collaboration, but also company collaborations or any other kind of cooperation.

      • Be clear about what you are offering at a personal or company level (if you are looking for opportunities with Basque companies in your sector).
      • Decide in advance what your objectives are for the event.
      • Think about how you wish to present yourself and prepare a brief but concise presentation message.
      • Take note of all the professionals and organisations that interest you in the course of the BBTC. This will help you to follow-up your contacts efficiently.


      Four thematic workshops will take place during the 12th Be Basque Talent Conference. To participate in these, it is necessary to have registered in advance and that Bizkaia Talent has authorised your participation. You can consult the content of the workshops here.

      After the event+

      The 12th Be Basque Talent Conference aims to be a starting point for making professional links between the numerous individuals who are participating in the event. In order to deepen the network of contacts that you have built up within the framework of the BBTC it is essential to maintain and continue working on the contacts that you have made with a wide range of individuals a the BBTC event, for example by means of the Bizkaia Talent App or the Be Basque Talent Network of which you now form a part.

      Both the participating organisations and the other professionals will be delighted to continue exploring new opportunities for future collaboration.